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Trout 16: Contents


Anna Jackson   Seeing you!, Doubling back, You'll say, "I'll say.", I'd like you to listen, Shot and staying shot

Mariana Isara   Blue under, Kuia, Requiem for a koha

Richard von Sturmer    The Book of Equanimity Verses

Sonja Yelich   Red Glorious, The Call, What I Remember About Scott

Vivienne Plumb   Sushi Sashimi, Under the Flight Path, Houses of Sydney, ANZAC Parade

Helen Rickerby   Closer to perfection, This is the way the world ends

Eric Birkeland   Elysium, One Night, on the Wall of a Chinese Restaurant, Five Sketches on the Artist Fay Ku

Desh Balasubramaniam   Unripe mangoes, Smoke of zebu

Emma Barnes   jeez

Janet Charman   Landeal Newz, New Year, drama, blog

Craig Cliff   Six Napkins, Ten places I could be when the big one hits

Chelsea Duarte   When laughing dies, Within the Glass,

Janis Freegard   The Tide Rises at Christchurch Art Gallery, Museum Piece, Hermit, Zot and the Axolotls,

David Howard   Teen cusp

Emma Neale   Sleep-talking, Jumpy

Reihana McDonald Robinson  Crumbs of the New Year at Resolution Bay

Erin Scudder   Ancient March, Where the Beasts Are, Sextina, The Pastoral Confession

Ian C. Smith   Unforgettable

Brent Kininmont   What I Remember About the Movement, Where the Farmhouse Stood, 'Obelix'

Serie Barford   Cadence of Love, Metanoia, Black Star, Scherenschnitte (The craft of papercutting)

Cameron Griffiths   The Clothesline

Keith Nunes   Raindrops and Illustrious Ken, He's Back

Kiri Piahana-Wong   Tidelines, Night swimming, Matariki

Majella Cullinane   Half Moon, The Table, Like That

Ann Inoshita   Wea Pidgin Lives, Looking Up, 'Iniki, Our Bunny, Playing with Keys

Jo Morris   The Road


Michelle Shin   Waste, You Did Well, Please Define