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Sushi Sashimi

Vivienne Plumb

The first thing I do is break in.
The smallest sheep of the good shepherd
points to a red building –
this is where the murderers
took off the head.

The second thing I do is lie
about the disparity between friendship and love,
a tour of my own making,
up and down and about town.

When I break in:
the footprints, the marks, the dog,
the neighbour, the dog,
until it stops barking. I shut the window.
Over and over I jam the window shut.

The police alarm:
one high note and one low.
Sushi sashimi.

Savage. Savage. The handle
of his umbrella glints
crimson in the deepest recess of the lift.

Sit still. I am a criminal
on day release. My security bracelet
around my ankle.

Sushi sashimi.
I lie about love three times in one day.
With no compunction.
As easy and glib as the advertisement
that suggests I turn my movie into a meal.


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© Copyright 2010 Vivienne Plumb & Trout.