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Crumbs of the New Year at Resolution Bay

Reihana McDonald Robinson

We can see the codboat quartet
Legs sunfried, bobbing the blue Sounds
Of the up and down whooping sea
Hooked, one octopus rides a line
Just one tentacle spirals over gentle waves
Sucking on a wide-awake finger
Then jet-propelling toward
Gravity and cobalt sea
And a boy is struck dumb
With the everlasting dying of fish.
Behind the lush lemon tree
Children shriek from wide mouths.
Under bare feet in the unruly garden
Ripened red plums squelch.

Sleepers waken to wild imaginings
Are made fearful, as only the
Hack hack cough of wild possum can conjure.
Billy tea is poured.
As tent flaps peel back and the slip-sliding
Dreams of the wild night flutter and disappear.


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© Copyright 2010 Reihana McDonald Robinson & Trout.