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Closer to perfection

Helen Rickerby

The lighthouse

A tall, red column
drawn on the whiteboard
sitting on a desk
towering over the sea

An isthmus
is the place where two oceans
try to meet
but can't

Between the oceans
on the isthmus

is the lighthouse

He and she, she and he

This film is full of metaphors
for cock

As well as the lighthouse
there are guns
and knives
keys and cars
and fingers

She is a pair of handcuffs
she is a tenuous grip
she is the underground
the garden
the petal storm

She thinks it's snowing


Whether he is the killer or not
he has been
some dark places, some dripping basements
damp alleys

          It seeps inside her

Her name is Avery
because she is caged
          You can do that in movies –

things that would be silly
in real life


She gathers words
wherever she goes
she follows their trail
picking them up

meow Virginia love


dis articulate

The more you cut away
the closer you get
to perfection

To the lighthouse

When she is taken
to the lighthouse
she is not entirely

She has no words

she is wearing
his coat
his gun

and then
the key to unlock
the gate
the door

the handcuff


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