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Ann Inoshita

We getting ready fo da hurricane.
Ten years befo, 'Iwa hit hard especially on Kaua'i.
Now, 'Iniki coming, so we going put away anyting small dat can fly from our yard.
We get bottled wata, canned food, battery, flashlight, and radio.
Even our pikcha window get tape on top.

We do all we can. Now, we wait. Can hear da wind outside.
Me and my sista get our own rooms, but we like stay wit everybody.
We all stay in one room: my madda, fadda, sista, and me.
We listen to da radio and wind outside. Too much pressure fo just wait,
so we get ready fo sleep. Try ignore da sound outside, but hard.

We wake up next day, turn on da radio and look around.
Our house, da pikcha window, da yard, everyting in tact. So lucky.

Den, we find out 'Iniki hit Kaua'i hard. Da news show all da damage.
Somebody I knew said she was going visit Kaua'i fo help dea family.
Going take a while fo rebuild.


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