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Our Bunny

Ann Inoshita

She was one small gray bunny wit one white stripe
between her eyes and one white fur ring around her neck.
I no rememba how old she was wen we first came home wit her,
but I know she was scared cuz she was shaking.
No need be scared. We going take care her.

We had her in one cage wit wata bottle, salt lick, and rabbit pellets.
Everyday, my bachan chopped apples and carrots for her.
She even had one piece bread. Da clothespin stay clipped
to da cage fo hold da bread so she get easy time eat.

Hard fo see her in da cage all day, so she got one place outside
on da grass so she can run around. Was one round fence
wit wata bottle and food. Sometime, she took nap outside.
Man, dat bunny lucky.

She like us pet her on her white stripe and on her cheeks,
so she came by us and rest her head next to da cage,
and we massaged her fo little while.

She lived long time fo one rabbit. We had her fo seven years,
and she was still alive. People no believe wen I tell dem
how old she was.

Den one day, she came sick, and we took her to da vet.
Da vet found one tumor in her breast. Poor ting.
She got mo sick, and I no can handle.

My bachan still took care of her and buried her
in our yard wen she passed away.
Afta dat, we neva get anymo pets.
Too hard fo see um suffa laidat.


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