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Like That

Majella Cullinane

a tug from an afternoon nap,
          a space
where the day has moved,

past the hours outside,
the swish of cars on the road,

back to a place – to dreams
I walked through, staring them

straight in the face; remembering,
I once held their hand.

Wordless, I am hauled
to a nowhere I cannot name –

to forget the moment and return
to the afternoon. Like that, shaken

by an alarm or an unintentional twist
in the bed. Of course I wake up, but

am not awake yet – still hearing a phrase,
playing – strong, loud – one I will not recall;

it stays there, fixed as I move
into the waking, staggering day;

like that, only there
to haunt the colours of the room.


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© Copyright 2010 Majella Cullinane & Trout.