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Looking Up

Ann Inoshita

Afta my madda say my name, I look her in da eye.
Den she ask me why I no look at her wen she talking to me.
I dunno. I always get hard time looking anybody in da eye.
She tell me wen anybody talk to me, I gotta look at them straight
and see how dey say tings.

She tell me no worry wat people tink.
Main ting, I doing da right ting, I going be ok.
Den I ask her how I know if I doing tings da right way.
She say I gotta follow my instinct. Da world no mo one rule book.
Each case different. Go wit my gut.

I wish get one rule book. Den, I follow everyting inside,
and no need worry about nothing.

My madda say my name again, and I look at her.
She ask me if I no look at nobody
den how I going know wen people smiling at me.


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