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Janet Charman

it's an addiction the Bloomsberries had
six posts
a day

someone emails
to say they won't pay
will i come and read anyway?

i'll do it for a bottle of wine
so lame
to admit i'd do it for a sandwich

will that be enough?
no give me the cash
i'll do it for a packet of cashew nuts

the wound-up hands of my clock press
on the glass
and time stops

bend the arms back
to the face
blinkered it ticks

when the chimes
i had the mechanism overhauled

after he pocketed my two hundred and fifty
the technician confided
his simple remedy

double thump a kereru pair

plump on the power line

in the hills
their numbers building

enough to shoot
through two closed doors
and down the hall

smell that
baking in the kitchen

i grab the cat by the neck
and squash her under the carry-box flaps

the first time
eyes slit
she squeezed a seam

the second
i got her closed in
the box became unaccountably light

she vanishes
a trick cat

could be made
to tell how she got out

bugger the priests
i go down to the vet
for advice

they say
don't bring her in
sponge the pecked eyes with cold tea

it's an anti-inflammatory
she lets me

backed up
the arse of someone
in the Pak'n'Save carpark

hideous crash
and was it my fault?
well whose fault was it?

now i have to get
round the wreckers for the tail light
over and out


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© Copyright 2010 Janet Charman & Trout.