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Trout 15: Contents

From Pacific Auckland: a photographic essay by Evotia Tamua
Grey Lynn, from Evotia Tamua's Pacific Auckland

Diana Bridge   One For Freud, Among the Freuds, Penelope waits

Adam Aitken   The Ghosts Hang Out the Washing

Alison Wong   Bedtime, Wand

Mariana Isara   'Ula, 2007 Pacific Island, Origins

Brandy Nālani McDougall   Interview with Albert Wendt

Craig Cliff   Distinctions, The Poet

David Beach   Great Pyramid

Ed Tato   The road to Damascus, I'll be home for Christmas

Hannah-Marie Isaac   snoring contests

Iain Britton   I am the brown man …, Down the Green Barrel of a Daffodil

Jeffrey Paparoa Holman   East light, St Albans

Jen Crawford   junkshop

Karlo Mila   The Poet's Tango, A Woman Scorned

Michael Hall   Soundings

Michele Leggott   the liberty of parrots, recombination, the Darwin lecture

Rebecca Isgrove   apiarist

Richard von Sturmer   After Arp

Robert James Berry   Paterson Inlet, Skuas

Serie Barford   Tapa Talk, Meaalofa from the land of Kush

Sonja Yelich   less, paraphernalia

Stefanie Lash   Does Anyone Want This Book I Found

Will Christie   The Dreams

Blaine Tolentino   Refixing the Notion of Electricity, Living Under Big Machines

Lisa Ottiger   Juan Luna: Seashore, El Paseo

Jonathan Larson   Elena's Feet

Andrew Johnston   Woodwind, INDEX

Jessica Le Bas   For her, poetry (i), For her, poetry (ii)

Johanna Aitchison   god of the beginning, what kind of god do you believe in?, anywhere except this body