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East light, St Albans

Jeffrey Paparoa Holman

East light on tii kouka is glad to be
Alive: my heart strikes it just right.

Last night came back with two fish
Past a grey Minor and drove off years.

In my street the dark steals morning
Papers, so I read parked cars and wait.

Came back with two fish past the junk
Shop painted yuk-yellow, fat with facts.

Past a bronze Cressida with its cracked
Mirror, expecting Coronation Street.

Came home with fried shark and two
Whole syllables of Chinese English.

Past the gate, just out of range, a weird
White car I've never seen before squatted.

Take note it all said: tomorrow you'll be
Fifty seven. At eight thirty we watched

A two hour documentary on Kennedy's
Assassination and I was still fifteen.



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