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Does Anyone Want This Book I Found

Stefanie Lash

It was an ordinary building, how far each nail, plank,
saucepan had had to come before
it got to the good lunch. Awaited her
on the wharf, then followed the professor's
muddy path and into a forest. Professor A——— was
It was her acquaintance and the
first thing was, certainly rainy. Water
gushed off Miss Fisher's match-
less person, borrowed from Mr Green
and splashed. Second was how very dense
and dark up out of sight, yards
in diameters and vines. The next storey
flowed up the hanging canopy. It was
“intensely beautiful”: an earthy, leafy almost.
Her odour of carbolic, sandflies, they came flocking
towards, intent on blood. Then they smelled
and flew off on other business. At a distance,
waiting for the repellent.


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