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The Dreams

Will Christie

get more intense;
they're a symptom of his sensitivity.

It's programmed in
to the genes.
He likes a fast car
and a lie down.

He dreams of you naked
and speaking in Hebrew.
These are the last days

     his day is caught in the tone of that
syllabic melody he feels understanding
     in the muscles,
that the brain won't know.
People are overwhelming
when you can see inside them

their clashing versions
virulent as wildlife
competing, eating, destroying.
Even the small things of life
     are terrifying
when you have a body.

The dreams help him sort through
     are another thing to reel from
     are more exciting than work
     are more work than rest

are more real.
He falls in love
     falls out of himself
loves to leave his body
is easily lost
     in desire

is cautious.
Sensation resonates
animals communicate

The world's so rich I can hardly digest
     you said to him on the street
as six a.m. two years ago this summer
walked off into a wet sunrise

and he is still dreaming of you.


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