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what kind of god do you believe in?

Johanna Aitchison

There's nothing for you, my friend, the man calls from the Devil's Staircase/ Ah, the voices/ Ah, those things that make you walk in pain/ tacks tied to your feet/ribbons for months years days/ Truth is: blowjobs are the staple of one night stands / Truth is: oh well, one down/ The truth is: gosh, he says, that's a bit of a surprise!/ They brought the baby over and I knew it was trouble, or/ The photos on the wall follow you with their eyes around the room, or/ Trucks keep coming outside my window/ I'm listening for the vehicle waves slotted with passengers/ When you come to me I can't even remember it as it's happening/ Strings are being pulled, which have nothing to do with me/ Truth is: sometimes you make a big mistake and get your heart involved.


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