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The Trout Fishing In America World Cup

Mark Young

in memory of Richard Brautigan

Had lunch while out so didn't
have to cook or do the dishes. Missed out
on four & a half hours of messing up
the house. Came home to a line full
of clothes so flattened by the wind
they won't need ironing the next time
they are worn. Came home with a
carboot full of books after an excursion
to Annandale & the contiguous Little Italy
of Leichardt having previously checked
that Big Italy were not playing their
second round sudden death World Cup
match against South Korea today. Came
home with strange poetries by authors
I would not normally buy but they were
cheap, found at a "Scholarly Remainder Fair"
in an unadorned church hall in Annandale
& in the more upmarket bookshops of
Leichardt which was festooned with
tricolour flags & full of World Cup Sales
& souvenirs but fortunately free of street
parades. Most importantly came home with
an original edition of John Rechy's City of Night
&, O joy, a reprint of Brautigan's Trout Fishing
in America which I'd been hoping to replace
for years. Came home to fold my socks
& underpants & the other washing which
wouldn't be ironed anyway; & imagined as I
was doing it that I was skilfully hand-crafting
some special lure with which to tempt the
hunchback trout living in the stream that came
home with us from the Cleveland Wrecking Yard
& now flows where the clothes line once ran.


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