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Our Trip to Takaka

Fiona Farrell

Well, we went to Takaka
for the weekend
and there was this spring.
This spring.
And we could see under the
water with this mirror thing.
And there was this eel.
This eel, swimming from right
to left like a reel of silk ribbon,
like a pennant waving.
You know: a pennant,
with teeth and an eye like a
silver stud among all this
pondweed. And there were
all these bubbles. Each one
was like a little world
rising in its sleek skin.
And then we went to see
the goldfields.
And there were these caves
in scrubland. They'd stripped
the hills till the ground ran red.
And we went into one of the
caves and there was this young
man sleeping on fern fronds,
meditating to make the world
well. He had his dog with him.
His dog.
Thatís how we knew he was there.
The cave was deep, like an ear.
Or a belly button. It was deep and
damp, and we heard the dog bark
down in the dark and a young man
saying, "Be quiet!"
The clay in the cave stuck
to our hands like dry blood.
We gave the young man a
bread roll.
A bread roll.
With cheese and egg. And we
said, Well, good luck with the
meditating and everything.
He said, yeah, well, he was
going to give it his best shot.
Then we drove home.

That was our trip to Takaka.


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