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Korero With My Cousin

Trish Fong

Though my roots were hacked
By divorce and desertion
The spirit could not be severed ...

Cousin, do you remember the night
of our first phone call (six hours!)
Rangi gifted you and I a bone-moon
Plus a trailling river of stars


~ Food ~
Best way to eat lambs tails – straight frum the fire
Wool all singed black and crispified: Beauuuuutiful
When ya come down, I'll make some Maori bread
Spread the butter on so thick your teeth’ll leave marks

~ Whanau ~
Crash here, cuz, I'll chuck a mattress on the floor for ya
Take ya down the clubrooms, your shout eh? Hehe
There’s a few hundred aunties, uncles, cousins
To introduce ya to

~ Music ~
What?! You never heard of the Hi-Marks?
Jeeez, you been missin' out cuz, I'll stick a tape in the post for ya
Put some Prince Tui Teka on too, you know him, eh?
'I know that sunshine follows rain, I know that pleasure follows pain
And I know that I must have you somehow, oh oh oh woh woh'


I heard the karanga of my turangawaewae
And like a green tendril
seeks the sun after rain
I found you


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© Copyright 2003 Trish Fong & Trout.