Journal » Trout 12 » The Down-to-There And Up-to-Here Round Dance [Joy Harjo]
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The Down-to-There and Up-to-Here Round Dance

Joy Harjo

I don't like your girlfriend and her high-heeled shoes
When you dance right past it gives me the blues

You have the sweetest step in double time
But how can I tell you when you're so occupied.

I don't like your boyfriend and his white man ways
When you hold him close inside your shawl it makes me crazed.

I like the way you step so high beside me
How can I tell you when you don't talk to me.

"If you come close to me honey hey yah
I will have to confess
how much I love you hey yah ha."


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© Copyright 2004 Joy Harjo & Trout.