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Trout 12: Contents

Richard von Sturmer   Fourteen Tanka

Brian Potiki   mad maori party, tauranga 1997, johnny chan's free tickets to chrissie hynde, south

Joy Harjo   The Last World of Fire and Trash, The Down-to-There and Up-to-Here Round Dance, The Reality Show

Michele Leggott   salto, salto, where are your shoes?

Adam Aitken   Translations from the Malay, 1930

Matt Harris   Ends Of Transportation

Anna Smaill   The Diary, K-Road Notes

Liane Ikemoto   Sir, Realize This: The last time your mother fed me was 2 weeks ago

Elizabeth Smither   My parents dancing, Encouragement from Dani

Gregory O'Brien   Menton, France, Dennis and Michael

Olivia Fukofuka   Photographs

Robin List   Tunnel Beach

Rangi Faith   Polishing The Stone, A Land Without Emperors

Caroline Sinavaiana   La'u Lupe 'Ua Lele (My Pigeon), Nevermind

Michael Harlow   In the 'lost and found', 'I am', Song, for Two Players, Ping, Nocturne, Detour

Nina Seja   one aisle over, The Greatest Discovery of the Millennium, Inventory for Visible Scars

Richard Hamasaki   NFS

Helen Rickerby   Sylvia fights off the boys, Marie Curie

Susan M. Schultz   Natural speech

David Gregory   Only Part of the Rain

Paul Hardacre   (more) 'bed of hair earth', The Great Chain of Being

Robert McLean   Kaiapoi (Etc)

Jan Kemp   Staunch

Cherie Barford   cyclone warning, nautilus woman, visiting hector

David Eggleton   News and Weather, Sea Change at Traffic Lights

Maureen Lander & Robert Sullivan   Fern Poem 1, Fern Poem 2, Fern Poem 3, Fern Poem 4