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(more) 'bed of hair earth'

Paul Hardacre

why shouldn’t these visions of loveliness be mathematicians?

– Laurie Duggan, New England Ode

unnamed trees she sold &
timed the slide with hessian
kick & votive tags in nikko (black)
the blue car works the tailgate string
lost in a.m. sunlight / a succulent ricket
carried like a spare & mounted in the den /
library of war & holiday boxed in early 80s
van park barfing on the lawn up north / on
fitzroy river bridge he's biked & falling
blue like ice or meat / a cart on lakes
creek road or silent outskirts hills &
reservoirs / the pre-diamond dogs optimism /
tricking for bullets he ends in front staring at
props / in there somewhere hard to find.

box never changed from white & sap-dotted:
the umbrella tree whipped like rusty (dead) or
swollen lipped & bleeding / way of the future is
left hand of god & covered in ash & india waiting
clenched ecstatic in black / american kismet all
red & airborne skulls are big & cleverly arranged
the hilarious black bauhaus chair or book in blue
hills 15
/ the sedation's religious & wound up paraded
bewildered & unkempt / the oddest (a hog) but giddy
& southpaw to boot his feet are like claws & the nail
scissors bend / the look here is 'norsca' some mountain
he knew made a visit he trikes in the rain & then slips
gouged patella / eating toast at the window in may.

collected broken statues / a landscape of bills &
flattened by news the talking skull delivery & futurist
aspirations / the yellowed snack of eyes the boiler heat
& gloved years / expanse of form but never broke or wept
his equal booth & worse & always whitened / hand a mix
of unschooled necessity (neat lacking cursive endearment /
a fondness for dogs) & labour up henson road in prince
crazy that winged keel / headache to think where it
ends / part of his make-up / a permanent & irremovable
blacking factory / three on the tree / the mags from down south.

clearly peach water but never the date / 30 or 31 she
told or headed / ocean pillowed her tangle walls & calling
the dead armoured drag of sunset / war cornered the
thing in itself (law of appearances, accordingly) / rampart of will
he knew & hated / a cold moon or gas giant shangri-la pointing
at birds – the sticks rotten landing & leopard tree gone / waiting for
leaves with a net / stitched hands turn the wheel & in red this
is difficult / stroked & curled she despair tags the mirror.

new ice: housed & sipping lemon cordial / brass head
hangs from hand number ten / resist the urge to cash or follow
( ‘ten hands & what they bear’) / another great divide from measured
gaze & fogging windows crisp alpine love & horses / dissed in the
line-up for snags & coastal render / scaled in green & leisure 7
salvaged from a bin / impossible missile of time throwing balls
on parade / the melon yaws in bacterial pink & matching
samoan affliction / all that is fast or good from the west –
pulled apart dropping a tub to sink / tin can or universe-as-pea
( okay if filmed) / he deals or bangs the floor & calls / dull silver bent
in the case / dark hair crinkled & oiled like coal / snapped & eyes up
decades of rain / voices & leaks / a return to shrunken tennis ruined houses.


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© Copyright 2004 Paul Hardacre & Trout.