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The Greatest Discovery of the Millennium

Nina Seja

Robert in L.A.: a computer scientist
whose only mode of transport is a bicycle.
Clutching his briefcase
with the earth first sticker        he rides
Past the off-ramps weighted
down by grid-locked traffic          he rides
Zipping by graffiti
staining concrete walls                      he rides
His concern for the environment
making his legs pump harder                  he rides

Robert is not only a caring man but a clever man-
he covers his nose and mouth with a rag,
a gag to block the smog from the L.A. cars.
The police stop him at least once a week,
suspecting him a mugger,
or a crazy newly-escaped from community care
Once he was even asked – Is this some kind
of performance art piece?


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© Copyright 2004 Nina Seja & Trout.