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La’u Lupe ‘Ua Lele (My Pigeon)

Caroline Sinavaiana

La’u lupe ‘ua lele, lele ‘i le vao maoa,
Talofa e i la’u pele, la’u pele ‘ua leiloa.
Ta’aga e a teine o lo’o ‘ua gasolo mai
O’u mata e tilotilo ‘e te le ‘o sau ai.

My pigeon has flown into the dense forest.
My dear, my darling is lost.
Here come the young girls walking,
My eyes look, but still you have not  come.



for my mother

The air rushes
with your leaving,
wings brushing tall
trees in long shadow.

Your heart trails light
tracing forest path
its dim way to
fragrant altars

of maile and moso’oi.
I wait near deep
woods and watch
for you.


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© Copyright 2004 Caroline Sinavaiana & Trout.