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Heavy Weather
'_Alone_, adj. In bad company.'
Ambrose Bierce

Not under a cloud, but in one,
I'm making heavy weather
of the rainy season, its
trampolines with droplets
strung between shrubs' leaves;
where steam climbs up through forest,
spiders' webs, fog particles
form in great floods from the past
like branches reaching through thick mist;
there comes no end of a problem
as traffic murmurs below a grey sky
now it's the rainy season,
which is to be endured, though
I'm making heavy weather of it.

Already, a year has gone.
Distressed to be told that alone
I've so little by way of resources,
you cannot see the compliment
in being wanted quite that much;
and I'm forced to admit
dependence isn't pretty.

Again in the heat, humidity,
stillness this June without breath
of wind, from a depth of summer,
here you are, you listen,
here respond, now, let it run
on, confront the mustiness,
black spots in a wall, foxed pages
and the white fur over leather -
as around us, heavy weather
turns bearable at last.

  © 1998