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Dear Sue

Meg Campbell

Dear Sue, you have died on the 10th,
the number of completion
from my own observations.
It is your second morning of death
our second day of mourning.
Tomorrow you will flee the Earth
your spirit decamping without cares
Dirty weather dogs us, as cold
and dark as any I've known.
Your house-keeping abilities used
to put me to shame. Though
you gave us ample warning
you have caught us still unprepared.
I would say to anybody
"She has shown us how to die".
No-one was neglected in your farewells.
Each glowed like Aladdin's lamp,
carefully polished. None was left
dull or bitter …. You were always
going to be reluctant to die,
life being full of possibilities.
Your energies were like a swift river.
I felt it at the last touch of your hand
stretched out to grasp mine
as your train moved away
from the platform at Pukerua Bay.
I ran beside you to touch
your outstretched hand again.


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© Copyright 2006 Meg Campbell & Trout.