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Nafanua's sister talks about the family

Tusiata Avia

if anyone asks me i can't explain it/ throw your washing in/ i was the one in the family who got picked on/ the spoiled one the pretty one/ everyday i got a tt2, chips and a bag of lollies/ he used to body-slam me into the floor/ threaten me with knives/ call me names/ i used to scream at my mother/ chew chocolate but not swallow/ leave it round the house in brown piles/ they say uncle pe was grooming/ grooming/ around/ appropriate not ok/ they were shitfuckers weren't they/ well they were weren't they/ what do you do if an epileptic has a fit in the bath/ if you look at the similarities i'm the middle child/ we have the same birthday/ they didn't protect me/ even my palagi aunty was there once but she did nothing/ i was the slut/ he never called me that but i knew what he meant/ i've only slept with 2 men and I'm 35/ he adored me /he left me/ he adored me/ it's the family/ they caught mum in bed with pe/ maybe he raped her because he's such a prick and they sent her to new zealand/ i don't care if he has his own story/ i know there was something sexual between him and her/ aunty lapo'a comes round and says to me/ is that you great grandfather?/ or is that you great uncle?/ and i say yes it's me/ it's not/ and they send the ministers round and afa's the head of community mental health and deals with this stuff at work but doesn't even do anything for his own sister/ i usually have two big ones a year/ they last about ten minutes/ i wouldn't be surprised if pe's interfered with his own daughters/ my sister told everyone he beat her/ he never beat her he beat me/ she said she got mixed up she thought it was her/ i lost so much weight I had to stay home for a year


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