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From Analects on a Chinese Screen: The Hermitage of Awareness: 2

Glenn Mott

I'll tell you, much the most interesting thing about me
is that I am in China.
                              Sitting there with a notebook stashed in the pocket of a blue army coat, smoking the mild Wuhu cigarettes of No. 1 Factory, Anhui Province.
                                                                                          Kung says a
person wishing to establish his own character also establishes the character of another.

Kung instructs: Go over the old so as to find out what is new.
                                                                      Making the future
the oldest place of all.

Thinking of a use for himself one evening citizen Ah Qiu comes to a facing text: The life of a young Chinese poet and his referent.

Have you thought cheerfully, I alone discovered the cargo cult of Walt Whitman, and saved him from obscurity
                              in the library of Central High School.

Following the same precepts, Ah Qiu put lamp-fires along the sides of Suzhou's misty bridges and waited for the moon to show.


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