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Tinfish 16 / Trout 13: Contents

Editors' note

Cherie Barford   Making Siapo

Ma Lan trans. Martine Bellen and Charles A. Laughlin   A Woman Like This

Jiang Tao trans. Chris Dusterhoff, Li Chun and Zhang Er   My Baghdad

Huang CanRan trans. the author and Meredith Quartermain   Translation

Richard von Sturmer   Film Tanka, Tanka 2005

David Eggleton   Vanishing Map, Black Mirror, Melody of the Cold Front, Five Senses

Mark Wallace   Two poems

Murray Edmond   New Zealand: A Social And Poetic Drama, Setting The Seal On NZ Poetry

Claire Hero   The First Upheaval, Poem, In the Cloister of Happen & Hazard

Don Mee Choi   Diary of a Botanist 1–4

Gregory O'Brien   Ode to drainage

Elizabeth Smither   Inflating a dinosaur

Eileen Myles   I'm moved

Robert McLean   At The Sign Of The Packhorse I Stand Like A Tree And Sing My Song Of Joy

Anna Jackson   So long as they confine themselves to this chore, Extenuating circumstances, Nothing suggests adulterous proceedings, What? Gas in the tank, I suspect

Sonja Yelich   Tex, wgtn – off eva street, As if & if only

Hinemoana Baker   Taxi, Magic, A Good Assumption

Richard Reeve   Winter Storm

Cath Vidler   The Stone and the Fish

Hazel Smith   First, Emergences

Kit Robinson   Looks Like Up, I Remember You

kari edwards   obedience 35–38, "seemingly"

Juliana Spahr   They, 1–3

Glenn Mott   From Analects on a Chinese Screen: The Hermitage of Awareness

Stephen Oliver   Good Tom, Dead Then?

Linh Dinh   Live to Count

Shang Qin trans. Steve Bradbury   My Amoeba Kid-Brother, Roasted Goose, The Flame