Paula Green

a configuration of love

O intimate life          whisper   warmed & wooing

to fasten the stories       on a lissful lake
sweet one two     & he she takes the delicious dawn

or   you coil a ceremony      waterlily-long
                for the wending
memory of attendant love          saporous, savorous a link

a  face  veiled      lifted  &    whatever

where your agile body      sighted  shore  embracing a maze
of  lush  light              merrily

     &  laced   the bond  spins  rain  or
                                          baked skies  curving towards

     a sense of hearing
slanting and slate                 lissom, lovely a flame

conceiving a sanguine web
                               stretching s t i l l
and in lip-salve                           well-liking

water-stream                watching  the  movement

               ourselves     of the lips
we  in  full  shape      wedded

© Paula Green 1996