Alan M Brunton

To One Flying

She is not heavy, she just leaves
like a gluku bird in a cloud
at this hour
I'm talking to stones
hoping she took sun-screen
when she went to those heights
above the darkness here.
I climb onto the roof of St Hilda's
with a piece of bread on a stick
to bring that bird down,
bird whose patient
friend I am,
bird I need
you too with your wide eyes
as airy as church windows,
bird fly back from constellations
and be with everybody where we live
I want to say something to you
but you are in silence
where I can't reach you now,
to be so high
you must be light-hearted
and without pain
therefore gluku bird I wish
as a man
as a man I wish you happy landscapes
and tearful friends
weeping tears of hallo
when you arrive
I climb down from the steeple
and there's nobody there
at first but when I walk I am
followed by a cloud,
it starts to rain
and pretty soon I'm part of a crowd.
I say I will not jump
for joy but then I do,

gluku bird you should be here!

© Alan M Brunton 1996