TROUT   [5]

Stephen Oliver: [1 , 2 , 3 , 4, 5]
Tarts & Takeways

  is what he's into, he said &
that's fine by me (William Street in
winter and pissing down is the pits)
standing around in doorways waiting
for some totally wasted guy - excuse me,
it's a trick is what it is - to
slap his dumb meat between my thighs.
Hey, I'm Jasmine though I don't 
feel like one. Mostly bored.
On each hip I've got this tattoo says
'Alan' kind of smudgee & out of  focus
because it's real old. The main

man. A jerk-off really in someone
else's life. A lifer. Summer's
shit, more noise and especially groups.
For hours or however long it takes
& I do spanish & french, but I'm
better at french. Sometimes not much 
happens. Idle as a lizard pointing
brickwork on hot buildings someone said.
I read in this magazine once,
(I meet all sorts) and this guy
says, "nor can I say I love you
but a gentle calligraphy informs your
brow." What a whacker! I know shit
from clay, he just reckoned he could get
away with saying nothing. Guys are
like that with money, like it's a secret.
  © 1998